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Obsidian (Mystic Stone Series) by Kayla Curry

This book I read sometime ago


obisidian cover

Blurb: Ava Tanner finds herself in a world without satellite technology in a time of GPS, Smart Phones and Tablets. When she discovers that a corporation headed by vampires with a sinister motive is to blame, her world is turned upside-down. After a narrow escape, she learns a mystical secret about herself that could aide her in her fight against the vampires. Unfortunately, the vampires see her either as a valuable asset or a target for destruction.
When the world is on the brink of complete social and technological devastation, one must ask themselves: Would I give up my blood for the modern ideal way of life, or will I wage war with the overlords of chaos?


My Review: I really enjoyed this vampire book. So many of them that you read these days are so pat and tired that I have avoided reading them. Kayla Curry however puts a good spin on it. Taking place mainly in Hawaii she weaves in native lore that I had not encountered before. The vampire world seems much more complex. The fact that the century old vampires have gotten the tech jump on the humans is a good plot. The idea of making them slaves to their blackberries and other electronics is almost believable. Ava seems to be drawn to the immortals which works out great when she turns out to be immortal herself. There is lots of action to keep you on your toes in this book. It does end way to abruptly and the writing is rough at times. I am looking to more installments from MS. Curry and think she will evolve as a writer with each one. I give this book 4 stars.



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Michal’s Window by Rachelle Ayala

Flu is all gone now so back to the reviews. Today I am review a recent read Michal’s Window by Rachelle Ayala.

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Blurb: Not your Grandma’s Bible Story…

It’s not easy being a woman, least of all princess of Israel. Married as a prize, abandoned as a wife, Michal fights to claim her rightful spot next to King David, the man she loves with all her heart.

Separated by war, concubines, and kingdom politics, Michal embarks on a journey of adventure and heartache where she is befriended by a goddess-worshipping priestess and tempted by a Philistine prince.

From reading scrolls high atop the palace walls to seduction with a henna-painted body, Michal is not your ordinary Bible heroine. Join her in Michal’s Window and let her delight you with her courage, devotion, and outrageous passion in her relentless drive to win back her husband.

Content advisory: sexual situations, blood and violence

My Review:  Even though I have long known the story of David it did not take the enjoyment out of reading this story. Seeing it from the prospective of Michal made it fresh and new.
You feel the depth of pain and joy she goes through in her life. From the thrill of being a young bride full of hope and promise to the utter anguish of losing a child. The reader learns how close love and hate can be intertwined.
I loved having Jada worked into the story she was such a free spirit.Even though I knew it wouldn’t happen I could not help but root for Michal and Ittai to make a go of it. Looking at it with my modern eyes I wanted her to tell David where to shove it so many times. Today she would be consider a battered woman.
I personally could have done without so many of the sex scenes they detracted from the story I felt. I would recommend it for a good read though. I give this 4.5 stars.


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Almost Invisible By Sherri Dixon

Almost Invisible by Sherri Dixon



‘Almost Invisible- a Different Kind of Survival Story’ is a quiet and unassuming counter-strike to all the ‘guns blazing, terrorist menace, shit hitting the fan, Mad Max, zombie survivalist’ stories that are littering the minds of America like so many mutant leaves falling twisted and tattered from otherwise healthy trees. While those folks watch the sky for bombs, frantically hoard supplies against an EMP or governmental collapse, and almost eagerly await the coming apocalypse, the world literally ends silently and without fanfare or fireworks every single day for people right in front of them. People like them, losing employment and home- “Lately there was a whole different brand of newcomers at the shelter- those who were trying with all their might to wake from this nightmare- they couldn’t believe that this venue, this crowd, was their new reality. This type of misfortune only happened to ‘other people’. Surely those who were ‘one paycheck away from disaster’ could never be…them. And they looked shell-shocked, dazed from pinching themselves, shaking themselves, frantically trying to wake, to turn to their spouse lying in their comfortable bed in their familiar home, to chuckle at the silly dream they’d had. And they became numb with the great weight of the truth that they’d never wake up in that place again. Not physically. Not mentally. Never.” People like them, returning from war- “His name was Mike and he’d come home from war physically intact but mentally vaporized. Not recognizing who their son had become, and feeding off of the alien fear that flashed from his eyes, the atmosphere in their home had gone from joyful homecoming to dismayed confusion when he didn’t bounce back into his former life but sank deeper and deeper into the nightmares in his mind. The images that were plastered onto the backs of his retinas and never ever went away tangled up with the echoes of war and the reek of violence and it became all too clear that although he was home, he’d never be there again. The nights were the worst- without the careful waking attention to keep the demons at bay they exploded into life as soon as he slept, and he screamed and swore and beseeched a god who never listened to make it stop. To just make it stop. So they’d had him hospitalized, and drugged, and kissed him goodbye and went home to mourn him as if he were dead. When he’d had all the treatment and care that was allowed for such things, and had been sufficiently subdued by the medications, he was asked if he wanted to call his family to come get him. He told them calmly, “No thank you, Sir- no need to trouble them. I know the way home”. When he shuffled into the shelter six months later, hungry and dirty, un-medicated and twitchy, the social worker found his ID in his wallet and was able to track down his family, who’d fallen on their own hard times, wished him the best, declared their love for him, but declined to come get him.” People like them, people like us, invisible and real, unseen behind the blinding sparkle of the romantic fantasy End of the World

My Review

This is a great book for life lessons everyone should give it a read. So timely for the day we live in. Thought provoking.  Nice to see a end of the world as we know it that does not resort to violence and the survival of the fittest . I would hope that there would be a coming together of at least some people to make the world a little bit better.  The characters are well developed and entertaining. Anyone looking for an enjoyable short read should check it out. I gave this book 5 stars.






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Vaempires:Revolution(The Revolutionary War)

A recent read of mine was Vaempires (The Revolutionary War) By Thomas Wineship

vAMpires 1

It is the morning of Princess Cassandra’s sixteenth birthday. Everyone’s attention is focused on the heir to the vampire throne. World leaders, the rich and famous, and VIPs from every corner of the globe have gathered in the nation’s capital to celebrate the momentous event.

Cassandra’s boyfriend, Daniel, is late for the party. He’s still outside the city when all hell breaks loose. What he believes is an act of terrorism proves to be a full-fledged revolution. Væmpires–former vampires who mutated into warm-blooded creatures with an insatiable hunger for cold blood–have launched coordinated attacks across the globe, with three goals: the eradication of humanity, the enslavement of vampires, and the ascension of væmpires as the dominant species on the planet.

The vampire and human leaders are killed. Cassandra is missing. Daniel is the acting king. Desperate to find the princess, Daniel and his friends fight their way across the besieged city. With the hopes of the free world resting on the shoulders of four vampire teenagers, væmpires unleash their secret weapons: a new breed of væmpire that is far deadlier than any ever seen before.

What can four teens do against an enemy that can shape-shift, fly, and walk through walls?

My Review

I like this twist to vampires. The mutation of the vaempires is a good take. The post nuclear war  with the vampires and humans eventually coming to a working relationship was good and refreshing from the fear that is normally in vampire books. The scientific development of synth blood is very original. There is a lot of non-stop action. I was a little thrown off in a few of the fight scenes by the thoughts supposedly going through Daniel’s head at such a life and death struggle. It seemed a little far fetched that someone would stop to think about an assailants breast pressing to his back when she is trying to tear his throat out.

I really enjoyed that Cassandra was not just a simpering character that cowered away from all danger. She was understandably upset but was able to rise to the occasion when she needed to.
There was a little continuity problems hear and there but other wise it was a good read. I also read the White Christmas volume and found it helpful in understanding some of the background. I look forward to following this story. I give this book 4 stars.



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Grave as the Day by Michael Drakich

Today I am reviewing Grave is the Day by Michael Drakich.


In October of 1957, more than Sputnik fell to Earth…

Set against the back drop of the Space Race and the Cold War, both the United States and the Soviet Union have a new issue to deal with, aliens from outer space. Both the Braannoo and the Muurgu are at war with each other and Earth becomes the newest battleground in their struggle. Spanning time from the launch of Sputnik to the near future, the interplay of historical events from a new light make you ask the question, could this all be true? The capture of aliens near small town USA unites three players from different quarters, Commander Kraanox of the Braannoo, First Lieutenant Wayne Bucknell as his captor and seven year old Justin Spencer, the first to make alien contact.

My Review

I found this book really enjoyable. The melding of the historical facts with the fictional happening was masterful. I enjoyed following the character of Justin from a young boy to adulthood and even his sons involvement in the final acts. There was some technical problem with the writing in a few places like the typewriter got stuck and made a paragraph or two hard to read but I was able to decipher it. It might be something that needs looked at. Loved the pet Rex. All in all a good read. My rating is four stars.


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New Blog

I started doing reviews a few months ago and decided to set up a blog for them. I have several I can post already and lots of books in my TBR pile. Some reviews on here will be requested by the author, some will just be books I picked up to read. Either way, they are all honest reviews.

I am open to review submissions and I accept both indie and trad. Make sure you read my About Me and Review Request page before you send anything to me. Thank you and I hope you discover some great books on here.


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