Hello readers ,

I find in doing review that one grading system is not really workable. I sometimes really like the story line and concept but the delivery is sub-par. Sometimes the writing and editing is great no mistakes whatsoever could have been written by an English professor but the story leaves a lot to be desired. Sometime both are good but it really could use editing for continuity or missing words and such. I have read so much in my life that if I like the story I can overlook most anything. However that is not a real fair way to review a book for other readers. So I am going to attempt to break it down for you and give stars for story,writing style and editing mistakes. I hope this will be better than giving someone 4 or 5 stars without explaining why it maybe should have received less or 2 0r 3 stars when it could have been more. At his time I haven’t went back and changed old review but may in the future. In the meantime keep the books coming and I will do my best to read a fast as possible.


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