Sign of the Eagle by Jess Steven Hughes

Today I am reviewing a recent request sent to me. The Sign of the Eagle by Jess Steven Hughes.

eagle cover

Blurb:  This breathtaking historical novel of action and suspense is set in the year 71 A.D. amid the exotic and vibrant streets of Ancient Rome. Macha, the strong-willed daughter of a legendary Celtic British king and wife of the Roman tribune, Titus, is the only one who can prove her husband innocent of treason, solve the murders of two slaves who possessed information that could have exonerated Titus, and ultimately save the life of the Roman Emperor Vespasian.

Vivacious and iron-willed, Macha undertakes a dangerous journey and fight for her life to evade assassins through the city’s treacherous back alleys, notorious bath houses, and the awe-inspiring palaces of the Roman elite. With time running out to save her husband and the emperor from certain death, Macha can count on only two allies, the esteemed Senator Bassus-a family friend-and her faithful slave, a resolute and clever Moorish woman, Shafer.

Arrayed against Macha and Titus are the wealthy and wicked Pollia, once scorned as a bride by Titus, and Falco, a military tribune and womanizer, who offers to be Macha’s protector once Titus is condemned and executed.

Join Macha in her quest to exonerate her husband…and discover the real threat against the Emperor..

My Review:  Mystery, intrigue and lots of political drama. Could almost describe this time but it takes place in ancient Rome. When Macha’s husband Titus is falsely accused of plots against the Emperor  she is determined to prove his innocence before he is executed. The true plotted will stop at nothing to foil her plan, to the repeated attempts on her life and the kidnapping of her young son. I enjoyed the glimpse into roman life at the time. The description were very good and I could see the houses and the clothes and the people very well. In a historical novel I usually look for a little more of a history lesson than I felt I got from this book. There were some minor editing problems that I felt were maybe a little harder to over look since it did come from an actual publishing house. I find errors easier to overlook when I know they are from indie authors that don’t have the resources. That being said I did enjoy the book. For plot and story line I give the book 4 stars. For lack of history lesson I give it a 3 and for editing I give it a 3. If you like historical fiction I feel it is worth you time to read.



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