Vigilante Girl by Phillipa Braham

Today I am doing a requested review of Vigilante Girl by Phillipa Braham.




Blurb:  16-year-old Cathy Hunter wants revenge.

It is 2024, when criminal trials take place on television, with the verdict decided by public vote. Under this populist system, Cathy’s uncle Bobby Jensen was found guilty of raping and murdering his 13-year-old daughter Judith, in the face of overwhelming DNA evidence, despite an alibi. And now he is dead – the victim of an unsuccessful escape attempt planned by his niece.

It was Cathy herself who gave him an alibi at his trial. But the public didn’t believe her and she was vilified as a sick perjurer. Now she wants revenge on all the people responsible for uncle Bobby’s death… the DNA “expert”… the cop who interrogated Bobby… the DA… and TV personality “Judge Jenny” who is more into stripping than law.

Cathy Hunter is… the Vigilante Girl…


My Review: This story deals with the justice system turned into a reality show type system. Courts being overloaded  go to a TV judge and an internet audience to decide cases for people who do not have enough money to buy an old fashioned trial. That aside Cathy Hunter’s uncle is found guilty due to overwhelming DNA evidence of the rape and murder of his daughter. Knowing her uncle i s innocent Cathy sets about to avenge him by murdering the people she feels is guilty of falsely accusing and finding him guilty. She commits three rather gruesome murders before the book is over. In this first installment we are left not knowing if she is going to carry out anymore or who the real attacker is. The story is rather good in concept the character a little disturbing in her quest for vengeance. This book could really benefit from a good edit as there are a lot of missing or wrong words. I feel like this book may be written by a younger person.

Story line 3

Edit 2

Execution of plot 3

Overall 3




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