Exponential Apocalypse by Erik Gumeny


Today I am doing a request review of Exponential Apocalypse By Erik Gumney.




Blurb:  There had been twenty-two apocalypses to date. There were now four distinct variations of humanity roaming the earth – six, if you counted the undead.

It had been suggested that there really should have been a new word to describe “the end of everything forever,” but most people had stopped noticing, much less caring, after the tally hit double digits. Not to mention the failure of “forever” in living up to its potential.

The last apocalypse wasn’t even considered a cataclysm by most major governments.

It was just a Thursday.

Exponential Apocalypse
 is the tender, heart-stirring tale of crappy jobs, a slacker cult, an alcoholic Aztec god, reconstituted world leaders, werewolves, robots, and the shenanigans of multiple persons living after the twentieth-aught end of the world. Fast-paced, frenetic, funny, and frequently fond of other f-words, Exponential Apocalypse is the only book that will have you looking forward to the end of the world.


My Review: Well I must say that this a very different book. The world has apparently ended numerous times but nobody seems to pay much attention anymore. In an effort to restore governments dead presidents and queen and such have been cloned and then allowed to kill off themselves. Robots and mutants roam freely causing all kinds of Havoc and even fallen Gods like Thor play a part. It is well written with good humor and good editing and continuity if such a mixed up world can have such a thing. It is not my kind of book but I can see some liking this sort. I think my grandsons would think it is pretty cool. Reads like a comic to me. There are sequels but I think I will let others judge them as it leaves me shaking my head. For all the good points though I will give it a 4 as I am sure if it’s your type of book you would be hooked into following all of these.

Editing: 4

Continuity: 4

Story line: 3



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3 responses to “Exponential Apocalypse by Erik Gumeny

  1. It sounds very ‘unique.’ I’ll check out the sample on Amazon and see if I like it. It’s certainly not a boring read. 🙂

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