Panoptemitry by Sarah Elizabeth Baethge

I am doing a requested review of Panopremitry by Sarah Elizabeth Baethge.


pano cover


Blurb:  With a goal as high and lofty as the unspecified pursuit of knowledge, there may not be a clear point at which to stop. Acting as one has been taught to can seem to hold just as much purpose as the actual reason for taking those actions. When the growth of technology begins to hold the same powers as religious doctrine has declared divine, does the simple recording of events become blasphemous? Who’s to say we even understand that ‘so-called’ divinity?

On a research mission to provide information for a great galactic computer network (called S.Y.M.A.C.), Emilija Lithuan and her assistants run up against the higher ranks of the Caytalan Church. The punishment that these religious leaders try to stick them with could possibly have a greater effect than was ever intended.
When their escape saddles them with a famous outlaw, a careful reassessment of what is right and wrong can’t be avoided. How much of what is ‘common knowledge’ is even actually true?
And if it’s not, just how much perceived reality is built upon a lie?


My Review:  The plot of the book was interesting and the conflict between the church and science was great. However I felt that the characters  could have been developed better and the story got muddled in places. The conflict between treating a machine even as far advanced as Max was as a human or machine or pet was good. I felt like Emilija was not a very well thought out person her character switched all over the place. The ending could use some work and the editing and formatting was bad.


Plot gets a 4

Excution gets a 3

Editing gets a 1

Overall gets a 3


I hope with future books they benefit from beta readers and editing.




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