Chains of Loss(Hero’s Chains) by Robert Sier

Today I am doing a requested review of Chains of Loss(Hero’s  Chains) by Robert Sier.




Blurb:  He spent yesterday collecting space debris to sell.

He woke up this morning crashed on an Earth that shouldn’t exist.

He has no idea how he got there, what he’s doing, or what the bloodthirsty orcs who are screaming for his death are saying.

He’s a prophet’s pawn, a potential savior, an average guy cyborg of a 35th-century stellar colony.

He’s Derek, and he really wants to know what’s going on.

My Review:  I didn’t expect to enjoy this book as much as did. I found myself really caring about the two main characters Derek and Myach. The story takes place in a very distant future of Earth. Derek gets propelled somehow from his home planet to Earth light years away. Even though his people had left Earth eons ago this like nothing he knows. There seem to be many races here now Orcs, Vampires elf types and others. Derek is as innocent as a newborn babe in this world. Mycah happens onto his wrecked spacecraft and helps him find his way around. While innocent of the street wiles he needs his technology is far advanced  With a suite that does everything from regenerating body parts to being a weapon he appears magical to the peoples of the Earth. It is a a good story and moves at a good pace. I would have liked to learn a little more about the cities and races they introduced I felt it ended too soon. I think there will be a sequel and I would like to read it.

This book gets a 4






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One response to “Chains of Loss(Hero’s Chains) by Robert Sier

  1. Thank you. I’m glad you liked it – and yes, the second book is in development.

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