Sons Of Suicide by Dan Andrews

Today I am doing a non-fiction review of a young mans life Sons of Suicide by Dan Andrews.


Blurb: An insightful, viscerally emotional memoir, Sons of Suicide relates the story of a young man’s life after losing his Mother to suicide—and succeeding, in spite of experiencing one of the most devastating tragedies known to man.

At eleven, Dan Andrews was abandoned by his Mother. Fatefully, she made the timeless drive down Lake Shore Drive in downtown Chicago, parked her car alongside Buckingham Fountain, and, after sitting and smoking a few last cigarettes, drowned herself in Lake Michigan.

His Mother’s grave decision has given Andrews the ability to perceive and contemplate loss in a way not written about in recent history. Shared with brutal vulnerability and skill, sprinkled with humor and sexuality, Sons of Suicide masterfully entertains and enlightens the reader— serving as a catharsis to the feeling of loss, a feeling to which all humans relate.

The author, Dan Andrews, has also pledged for every copy of Sons of Suicide that is sold, one dollar out of his personal royalty will be donated to the Will To Live Foundation, visit their website for more information about this wonderful organization that is spreading awareness and helping with the teen suicide epidemic. Purchase today to help put an end to suicide.

My Review: This book is written in memoir form basically about a young boys life after his mom commits suicide when he was just 11 years old. As you can imagine his life was turned upside down at this difficult event. It is horrible enough when one looses one they love at any age but to a child has it so much worse. It is beyond comprehension. A suicide carries with it own set of problems for those left behind and kids face the cruelty of their peers. This young man show remarkable strength in coming out the other side with determination to do good. I applaud him in his efforts and give kudos to his Dad for being there for him. There is no real ending because his life goes on. I wish him great success in all he does. This would be a great book for anyone to read but maybe especially teens. I give this book a 5 star review.



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