Message From a Hidden Past by Jos Rogiers

Today I am doing a requested review of Message From a Hidden Past by Jos Rogiers.

MESSAGEBlurb: More than 3,200 years ago, a learned dwarf was pricked with the Sleeping Thorn and fell into a deep slumber in a secret cave somewhere on Earth. When he finally awoke, towards the end of 2009 or in the early part of 2010, he started to carry out the task he was charged with by his king: to reveal the truth about a hidden chapter of our past, that misunderstood period of our history when the so-called “gods” held sway over the world. He wrote an amazing book about this subject, a book that throws a completely new light on world history and human existence: “Message from a Hidden Past.” According to the author, the gods were neither supernatural beings nor products of the human imagination, let alone extraterrestrials. He describes them as hominids of flesh and blood, belonging to the further evolved species of Homo supersapiens. They were smarter, taller, and much more beautiful than humans. They were the true founders of civilization. The book explains their origins, describes their culture, and pictures the land in which they lived. Most revealing, it relates how the gods became involved with humans and the disastrous consequences of that fateful interaction. The dwarf recounts the story of a great world war that took place at the end of the Bronze Age and of an epic calamity that finally extinguished the Era of the Gods. Despite their physical destruction, the lore and images of the gods lived on in poetry, song, and myth. The book’s last chapters deal with what remains of them today, and discuss ancient prophecies that foretell their return at an uncertain date in the future.

My Review: I don’t know whether to give credit to Mr. Roghiers or to some unknown three thousand year old dwarf.  The concept of this book is rather unique.  Apparently a dwarf historian was put to sleep some three thousand years ago only to wake up in the Iron Age. An Age ruled by humans to set the record straight as to the identity of the ‘Gods’ of old. Contrary to the popular believe of people now they were not some supernatural Gods but rather a more evolved human or a Homosupersapien. They were taller more beautiful and lived for an extraordinarily long time. They basically ruled all of earth for eons. Where exactly they came from and how they evolved is not made clear. Perhaps dwarfs weren’t privy to that information. Life was wonderful during that time and was known as the Gold age. With the expansion of the lesser humans the Gold age gave way to the Silver age and as humans took on more of a leadership role the Bronze age came into being. After a great natural disaster wiped out the Gods the iron age came to be. Ruled by humans alone the world went to hell. The Gold age is  to come again and this the dwarf’s book is suppose to clue us in on. The Gods will reincarnate and rule once again. This book is well written, I did get bogged down in all the fact telling. I think it might have been more entertaining.  I give this book and overall 4 star rating.



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