Mental Pause by Anne O’Connell

Today I am doing a review of Mental Pause by Anne O’Connell.


Mental Pause Final Cover 72


Blurb: Abbie is riding the hormonal roller coaster and hanging on for dear life. She finds herself in a body she no longer recognizes, a marriage that feels overwhelming, and she questions her very sanity. Her existence has become one big hot flash inflamed by killer moods. A chance meeting seems to give her the escape she’s desperate for but at what cost? Accused of murder she finds herself in a jail cell accompanied by her regrets and the gnawing fear that her life may be changed forever. It’s a kind of mental pause that Abbie has never imagined, in a story that offers no letup from start to satisfying finish. Change of life, anyone? Mental Pause promises to take you way beyond.

My Review: A character I can so identify with. Abbie a peri-menopausal woman is perfect till her hormones take over and she sees red. A woman that her family and even herself does not recognize. I for one was hooked immediately. The unfortunate new friendship with Joan who ends up dead in a motel after girls night out with Abbie takes a sinister twist after Abbie is accused of not only her murder but also that of Joan’s ex-husband.This is a great who done it and I enjoyed it a lot. The book is well written and edited there is some formatting issues that threw me off at first but I as I got interested in the book I could over look them. I give this book 4 1/2 stars would have been 5 without the formatting.






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