Spirit of a Swordsman by Tim Johnson

Today I am reviewing Spirit of a Swordsman(A dialog on the Samurai arts) with Dana Abbott.


Blurb: The Japanese sword arts are so intricately intertwined with daily living and the enterprising mindset in Japan that the revered spirit of the samurai will never die. Even today, in corporations, schools, and daily life, the spirit of the samurai is very much alive.

Shihan Dana Abbott has been living the Way of the sword for over 35 years and is working to teach and instill that spirit to today’s youth around the world.

This book is an adaptation of an interview with Shihan Abbott about his background in the sword arts and about the history and spirit of the samurai. Since the Koryu style practiced in the warring factions of Japan to the government-run martial arts universities of today, one thing has remained the same. Spirit.

“That’s why the Japanese people have one of the highest literacy rates in the world. They make it a point to make their mind and their body work together.” – Shihan Dana Abbott

“It seems like there’s an abundance of ADHD kids now and they’re giving them drugs, or giving them this, or giving them that. For the past 10,000 years, we’ve had ADHD people around all the time. They were called hunters. They were the people who would become kings.” – Shihan Dana Abbott

My Review: This is a really different book for me. It is basically an interview with Mr. Abbott about the Samurai arts of Japan. I found it fascinating. I love learning about different cultures and the Samurai is so much the root of the Japanese culture. The only thing I really knew about the Samurai prior to this was what I read in the novel Shogun. I never realized how deeply it is still ingrained into their way of life. The fact that Dana was able to go and live and immerse himself into this life for so many years has given him insight that most of us in America will never know. I love the comparisons to America that he draws. It makes one want to study more of this culture. I give this 5 stars.



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