The second installment of the ‘Growing Roots’ series is finally out! ‘Personal Growth’ will made its debut on March 21st. For the entire release week (March 21st-March 28th) there will be a 99 cent promotional price on all ebook purchases! Starting March 29th, it will go back to it’s normal price of $1.99. You’ll be able to purchase your own digital copy through nook, kindle, or kobo. If you prefer a print copy, you’ll be able to find it on Createspace or Amazon (although not at the 99 cent price)!

 Cover photo Chelsea Hammond



‘Personal Growth’ (and the whole ‘Growing Roots’ series) is the story of a young Native American girl who has been sheltered from her traditional culture for the majority of her life by a mother who, for some unknown reason, despised that culture. When her mother dies in a tragic car accident, Willie and her sister Babette are…

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