Mystic Fool by Andy Hill

Today I am reviewing Mystic Fool by Andy Hill.





Blurb: A spirited romp across Southeast Asia, Mystic Fool follows the exploits of a young man, led by alchemy and alcohol, as he explores the inner and outer planes. Beginning in the islands of southern Thailand, he heads to the ancient capital of Siem Reap and up the coast of Vietnam to the chaos of Hanoi. Jettisoned to a farm in northern Laos milking goats, we then find him guzzling rum with a guru in the Golden Triangle, and later in Pai, embracing the mystery. With caution abandoned and destiny swooned, this lyrical jaunt soars and enchants with each bus, train, and tuk tuk ride.

My review: My first impression upon starting this book was that I really did not care for it much. It is a story about a 20 something young man Ian who really seems to have no redeeming qualities. He drinks to the absurd access does drugs and doesn’t even seem to like himself. I did find the descriptions of Southeast Asia interesting and had hope for the book after he met someone to care for and seemed to sober up. Unfortunately the book abruptly ended there without bringing any good closure to this segment of the young mans life. I really felt like it was a waste of time . I give the book 2 stars.






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