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Eternal(Sons of Heaven) by Virginia Gamsky Hust

Today I will do a review of Eternal(Sons of Heaven) by Virginia Gamsky Hust.





Blurb: Three hundred years of penance, of suffering through an immortal life has left Maura praying for salvation. She joins a group bent on gaining back their souls by awakening The One and after a rather bleak few years in Cairo she thinks they’ve found him. But after a meeting with her sire goes terribly wrong she is trapped in the enemy camp. How far will she go to survive?

Gabriel is a normal, if rather jaded private detective living in Seattle Washington, until a beautiful woman showes up at his practice, claiming to be a vampire and asking for his help. Suddenly his life is turned on its head as he is introduced to the underground society of Fallen Angels bent on finding their savior.


My Review: I always like to start out with something positive about a book. This is a paranormal about vampires and angels. A unique concept about the end of the world as we know it and the breaking of the seven seals as told in the bible. The connection of how the fallen angels became vampires is lost in a muddle of details of turning what seems to be an ordinary man into the top angel Michael. This detail needs more depth as does a lot of the book. Now to the worst part, the editing. The author lists and editor in the front of the book, I hope she did not pay for it. The errors in this book are so many I found it maddening and had to force myself to finish it. One of the worst is the word lead. One is led down a hall not lead. This mistake was used over and over again. Continuity was bad it a lot of places. If if was cleaned up and attention paid to detail and fleshed out in places it might be a good book. There appears to be a sequel coming out I hope the author takes the time to improve on their product. This book gets 2 stars.




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“You Gotta Earn it!”


Finally, self-publishing has moved out of the realm of vanity. Or has it completely?

I keep hearing that a lot of people avoid books by indie authors. I also hear a lot of indie authors bemoaning the fact the indie world still has a bad rap for poorly constructed, poorly edited books and badly behaving authors.

I understand both sides.

As an indie author, I want to be taken seriously. I don’t want my books passed over because of the issues in other books. As a reader, I’ve read some indie books that were so poorly edited, I couldn’t finish reading them.

I can understand if maybe it is a first book by an indie author. We all make mistakes, even if it’s the colossal mistake of skipping professional editing. I know this, because when I released my first book, I made that mistake and I had a few reviews…

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Dead Size by Sawney Hatton

Today I will review Dead Size by Sawney Hatton.


Dead Size




Gulliver Huggens has issues–

He watched his family perish in a tragic car accident as a child.
He doesn’t know how to win the heart of the girl at the coffee shop.
And he shares his home with a clan of mischievous tiny people.

Yet these all turn out to be the least of his troubles.

A secret race of Giants dwelling in the neighboring mountains wants Gulliver to exterminate all the Little People… or else.
When folks in his hometown begin brutally dying, Gulliver must make a hard choice.
But choices have consequences.
And consequences, he’ll learn, come in all terrible sizes.


My Review: I really liked parts of this book. I found the idea of the main characters house being infested with little people and the Giants being against them and wanting him to exterminate them kind of cool. More should have been done with that and less with the other people in this book. Most of them had no redeeming qualities especially his boss. It did have some interesting twists in the plot that could have carried it much further than the authors need to interject sex into everything. It just was not needed in this book. The ending was disappointing and left a lot of things unsettled. I give this book 3 stars.



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Bear Season by Bernie Hafeli

Today I am reviewing Bear Season by Bernie Hafeli.





Blurb: It’s 1951, and Czeslaw Wierzbicki is on the lookout for a hero after losing his father in WWII. With his uncle who can’t seem to hold a job for more than a few months, Czeslaw sets out on a life-changing journey that takes him from Detroit to Edinburgh, in hopes of meeting Wojtek, the legendary Polish soldier bear.

My Review: This story is a heartwarming tale of a young man coming of age. In post war Detroit in 1951 as a son of Polish immigrants Chester(Czeslaw) finds himself torn between the love of an uncle that fills the void of a father killed in the war and the embarrassment of the same uncle. Uncle Izzy is coping  with post war stress the best he can by drinking and telling what most everyone, including sometimes Chester,thinks are unbelievable stories of a soldier bear that lived and traveled with their company during the war. Seizing upon a chance to travel with his uncle to Scotland to reconnect with the bear Chester starts on an adventure that will see him truly grow up. This is a great read for anyone and is well written. I give this book 5 stars.





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Goldenwealth Light by Scott McCloskey

Today I am reviewing Goldenwealth Light (The Traveler of Ord Book 1) by Scott McCloskey.





Blurb: Rather than being a hero with the fate of an entire world on his shoulders, Theodore Ellsworth spends his miserable days suffering merciless humiliation at the hands of prep-school bullies. It just so happens that an ancient prophecy, a shimmering city, and a herd of six-legged horses are about to change all that.

When a mysterious book transports Theo and his overachieving little sister Marie to a world full of wonders that defy anything he’s ever read about before, Theo finds himself accused of a crime he didn’t commit that carries the ultimate penalty. A reluctant princess, a winged gnome, and a hot-tempered young sorceress are there to help, but will they be enough to prove to an arrogant knight and thousands of fanatical citizens that the Ellsworth children aren’t an evil that must be destroyed?

Told in the tradition of classics like The Chronicles of Narnia and The Neverending Story, The Goldenwealth Light is the first book in a fun-filled romp through the unique realm of the Traveler of Ord, weaving high adventure and deadly intrigue in a fanciful tapestry that will keep readers from ages ten to adult turning pages for hours.

My Review: This an absolutely  enchanting book. It is obviously a young adult or older child book. Don’t let that put you off reading it I am well past those years and really enjoyed the read. The hero of our story, Theo, starts out as a bullied junior high student in the world as we know it. Due to his parents sudden wealth he and his sister are overlooked in the search for even more status and wealth. Theo has one talent he likes to read. He spends as much time as he can hiding out in the school library devouring fantasy books and dreaming about those worlds. A certain book with blank pages draws his attention and ultimately sends him and his young sister to a magical realm where he is suppose to be a hero. Faced with many challenges and dangers this book captures your imagination. Looking forward to the next installment. If you have young ones or are young at heart grab this one. I give it five stars.




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Number Seventy Five by Ashley Fontainne

Today I am reviewing Number Seventy Five by Ashley Fontainne.





Blurb: Dating can be deadly…

Three years after the demise of her seventeen year marriage, Mandy Russell decides to jump back into the choppy waters of the dating world. With very little options available in her small town of Bainsville, Tennessee, Mandy lets her best friend Shawna persuade her into joining an online dating site.

Feeling she has met someone she can really connect with, Mandy decides it’s time to meet face-to-face with her new suitor, unaware of his true plans for her. Dark, sinister plans that will test Mandy’s physical strength, mental fortitude, and will to survive.

Will Mandy prevail or will this first date be her last?

My Review: I got the privilege of getting to beta read this book and loved it. Now that it is out I can leave a well deserved review. This book had me from the first. It kept me reading later than I should have. I loved the twist to who the bad character was and how and when she settles it on her own terms. Highly recommend this book to fans of suspense. Ashley gets a 5 star.



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