Dead Size by Sawney Hatton

Today I will review Dead Size by Sawney Hatton.


Dead Size




Gulliver Huggens has issues–

He watched his family perish in a tragic car accident as a child.
He doesn’t know how to win the heart of the girl at the coffee shop.
And he shares his home with a clan of mischievous tiny people.

Yet these all turn out to be the least of his troubles.

A secret race of Giants dwelling in the neighboring mountains wants Gulliver to exterminate all the Little People… or else.
When folks in his hometown begin brutally dying, Gulliver must make a hard choice.
But choices have consequences.
And consequences, he’ll learn, come in all terrible sizes.


My Review: I really liked parts of this book. I found the idea of the main characters house being infested with little people and the Giants being against them and wanting him to exterminate them kind of cool. More should have been done with that and less with the other people in this book. Most of them had no redeeming qualities especially his boss. It did have some interesting twists in the plot that could have carried it much further than the authors need to interject sex into everything. It just was not needed in this book. The ending was disappointing and left a lot of things unsettled. I give this book 3 stars.




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