Eternal(Sons of Heaven) by Virginia Gamsky Hust

Today I will do a review of Eternal(Sons of Heaven) by Virginia Gamsky Hust.





Blurb: Three hundred years of penance, of suffering through an immortal life has left Maura praying for salvation. She joins a group bent on gaining back their souls by awakening The One and after a rather bleak few years in Cairo she thinks they’ve found him. But after a meeting with her sire goes terribly wrong she is trapped in the enemy camp. How far will she go to survive?

Gabriel is a normal, if rather jaded private detective living in Seattle Washington, until a beautiful woman showes up at his practice, claiming to be a vampire and asking for his help. Suddenly his life is turned on its head as he is introduced to the underground society of Fallen Angels bent on finding their savior.


My Review: I always like to start out with something positive about a book. This is a paranormal about vampires and angels. A unique concept about the end of the world as we know it and the breaking of the seven seals as told in the bible. The connection of how the fallen angels became vampires is lost in a muddle of details of turning what seems to be an ordinary man into the top angel Michael. This detail needs more depth as does a lot of the book. Now to the worst part, the editing. The author lists and editor in the front of the book, I hope she did not pay for it. The errors in this book are so many I found it maddening and had to force myself to finish it. One of the worst is the word lead. One is led down a hall not lead. This mistake was used over and over again. Continuity was bad it a lot of places. If if was cleaned up and attention paid to detail and fleshed out in places it might be a good book. There appears to be a sequel coming out I hope the author takes the time to improve on their product. This book gets 2 stars.




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