Revelations(White Swans) by Annamaria Bazzi

Today I am reviewing Revelations(White Swans) By Annamaria Bazzi.





Blurb: Kendíka learns she is a pet like all the other humans living in the fish bowl world. The fact she has a master doesn’t stop her from trying to make life better for the people living on Deverow’s Duchy. Wills she be able to change life and make it better, or will she end up a swan?
Jillian settles for a count and tries everything in her powers so Harry, the Count of Paddington, will notice and fall in love with her. Will she at last be successful in raising her status?

Review: This is third book in the White Swan series. We pick up on the story of Kendika and the count as they learn more about the mysterious eyes in the sky that rule their world. Kendika seems set to change the pattern of their lives in this new world she finds herself living in. She finds herself as a pet to her captors and more of a favored pet. This of course sparks jealousy in her companion Jillian who just wants to be the top person around. This is a story that the young readers will enjoy following for sometime. Find out next time what the expansion of their world leads to. 5 stars.




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