Roeg’s Apocalypse: A Metaphysical Journey in Simultaneous Fields by Kostas Gogas

Today I am reviewing Roeg’s Apocalypse: A Metaphysical Journey in Simultaneous Fields By Kostas Gogas.




Blurb: Roeg’s apocalypse: A Metaphysical Journey in the Simultaneous Fields is Kostas Gogas’ book of a dream full of symbolic real life memories, future predictions, fantasies and philosophies exposing the coexistence of events.

Kostas Gogas on The Simultaneous Fields:

I remember a real moment of my life.
It last one second.
I saw a car coming on me with great speed.
My legs were going to be destroyed or maybe I was going to die.
I had two parked cars behind me (I “knew” that, even if I didn’t turn my eyes to see that).
I was frozen.
I was watching the four teenagers who had lost control of their car and they were looking at me with their eyes and mouths wide open.
I “knew” that with one step backwards I could make it to the open space between the two parked cars and I “knew” that I could fit exactly in it (even if I hadn’t saw that, I didn’t actually knew all that).
I did it and today I’m alive.
It last one second, no more, maybe less.
I am sure that everyone had experience moments in his life when he acted out of intuition because of great pressure or very little time and he did exactly what it was needed to be done.

When we die, they say that our life passes in front of us at a glance.
Maybe it is that particular moment that the ultimate connection between conscious and subconscious mind happens.

Maybe that’s why dreams last only a second. They don’t need more.

My story may seem surreal but it has the most realistic tone it could have.

It is the narration of a dream, a visit to the subconscious land, a journey in the simultaneous fields.
The narrator is the dreamer and his name is Roeg, a sixteen years old philosopher.
Events, people, places and times of Roeg’s life are connecting to each other to let you know about the life that he had lived and he would be live.
According to what he already know, what he is trying to accomplish, and what he is going to do he will discover and see his life from above and understand the meaning of the decisions he makes everyday.

I was always interested in the concept of time, the way our memories are always alive and how we can live in our own world through our senses and our ability to understand time (each one of us having a different perception).
I knew that even if we didn’t seem to remember everything in our daily lives˙ dreams happen to be a gate to our subconscious˙ and the subconscious to me seemed to contain everything (and everything is still breathing).

The magic of our subconscious mind is that, because it remembers everything, it can be the best advisor; it can see the big picture at once. To trust your intuition, it is the most strategic thing to do.
Your conscious mind and all your body give food to your subconscious so this can go further by connecting the information in remarkable ways.

I wrote this story with great interest in the particular subject but I didn’t want to write a scientific text because I believe that the best way to share something is through art.
A work of art (in addition to a scientific work) let people understand better because of its ability to touch the senses and to free the audience’s creative power. To make them reconsider, to make them decide if the artwork itself is right or wrong.
A work of art is a theatre with available seats but with no show, because a work of art shouldn’t teach, it should discuss with each one personally.

But don’t listen to me.
A hand shouldn’t speak about its work.
I am the outsider, it’s your turn now.

My Review: This is very different from anything I have read or reviewed in the past. It is a dream told by someone. I am sure that there are some deep meanings in this dream but I think they escaped me. I almost had flashback to the 70’s. I am not sure if there were some serious editing issues or if it was suppose to come across the way it did with the misuse of some words. If you are into the type of things you might hear in a psychiatrist  office this is for you. I can only give it two stars.



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