Treating Murder by Gabrielle Black

Today I am reviewing Treating Murder by Gabrielle Black.


treating murder cover


Blurb: Brilliant and beautiful Veronica Lane, M.D. finds herself the subject of a murder investigation after her patient is found poisoned in the hospital. When the only witness to the murder turns up dead and the police arrest her, Dr. Lane is forced to try to solve the case herself. With her reputation, her freedom, and possibly her life on the line, Dr. Lane hunts down the killer. Her only help: an underage hooker, a local reporter, and her handsome attorney.
But even she is shocked when she finds out how close the murderer really is.


Review: This is an entertaining book. I do like who done it books. There were some twists however I had it figured out real early but I have read a lot of them and few surprise me anymore. The blurb I found a little misleading as the young hooker really plays no integral part in the story. Another unnecessary person seemed to be Reid. I think the author was just using him as a red herring but it just seem to hang there and accomplish nothing. One more thing I would like to point out is the editing. I see so many books come across my computer that could be so much better if the author thought enough of their work to get a professional edit. Sure there are mistakes in most books but not as many as in many self-published books. It is not the readers who should have to sIt and figure out what words should be in the sentence. This book gets a 3 star mainly for the editing. Hopefully the author puts some serious thought in seeking an edit before the next one comes out.




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