Lessons From an Evil Mind by Shawna Stewart

Today I am reviewing Lessons from an Evil Mind by Shawna Stewart.



lessons from a evil mind cover Lue sits in the middle of the floor. Her hands tucked beneath her, her eyes closed and her head, faced down. The evil that haunts her is there and she knows she must sit completely still and await the punishment that is coming next. The room goes silent, with only sounds of his foot steps as he comes closer. Every part of body screams “RUN”, but she knows she does not dare. She must sit silently and await what comes next. A loud crack echoes. Her head seers in pain. Blood rushes down her pale white cheeks. The next lesson has begun.

Even when Lue escapes, she is never far from her captor. She finds her life in turmoil as the Evil that once haunted her refuses to set her free. Her existence becomes filled with Angels and Demons, both of which want her, unfortunate for her the Demon will do everything in his power to keep her as his.

My Review: This is truly an evil book, I say that in a good way. If you are a fan of horror type books this one is one to add to your TBR pile. The author does a great job of building the characters. You can feel the terror and despair that Lue experiences at the hand of her unknown captor and tormentor. Taken on her wedding day she is kept in a dank dungeon for three years injured and tormented with hunger and thirst at the whim of a mad man. I am talking Stephen King creepy. After she is able to finally escape her captor and is found by a man called Angel things get even more interesting quick. The reader soon figures out that something other worldly is going on. It ends up being a true battle between good and evil. The ending caught me quite by surprise and not necessarily in a good way. I won’t spoil it by saying more. Now for the bad part even though the story was great and told well I have to address the editing. I had great hopes when I started this the editing seemed to be done well till about half way through then left a lot to be desired the rest of the way. Lots of awkward sentences left out words and such. Continuity also fell short. I don’t know if more was added after the initial editing effort or what but it is a shame. It took what could have been a great read down quite a few levels. I will give the book three stars mainly for that. Still if you like this genre you won’t be disappointed in the story line.




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