ExtraLife, Inc. by Kfir Luzzatto

Today I am reviewing ExtraLife, Inc. by Kfir Luzzatto.





Blurb: David Wolfson, a Jerusalem scientist, claims to have found the cure for cancer. He and his wife, Tamara, seek the help of Richard Lunz, a Tel Aviv attorney, to fight the powerful bureaucrats who want to appropriate David’s invention. Richard can’t resist the temptation to participate in what looks like the discovery of the century and it takes a first death to make him doubt that something in the project is not what it seems. And then other people die. Following clues that take him to Eastern Europe and to America, Richard finds more answers than he wished for. But he just can’t stop looking.

My review: A book about a patent attorney, sounds boring right. Wrong. It is actually a book that keeps you entertained and guessing plot twists up till the very end. Richard Lunz helps a scientist and his wife almost against his will and better judgement until he is suddenly cut out of the loop after the scientists assistant mysteriously dies. Things just do not seem right to Lunz and he sets out to find answers. Nothing is as it seems. I was fully captivated waiting for the developments in this book. The ending let me down somewhat. I  did not feel like the final revelations was developed enough in the story and the character Silvi did not get addressed at all. The writing was good and there were very few editing errors. I will give this book 4stars.



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