Let It Be by Chad Gayle

Today I am doing a requested review of Let It Be by Chad Gayle.





Blurb: When Michelle Jansen moves to Amarillo to get away from her abusive husband, she struggles to meet the emotional needs of her two children as she continues to rebuff the demands of her overbearing ex, but she finds love and support in the arms of a coworker who is as much of a Beatles fan as she is, and she begins to gain the confidence and the strength that she needs to stand on her own. Michelle’s ex can’t bear to see her happy, however, and she’s blindsided by an unexpected betrayal as her ex turns her very own son against her; when this family that has already been split down the middle is thrown into chaos, it’s up to Michelle to find a path toward healing and forgiveness, a way to right the wrongs that have hurt them all.

With chapters named for and influenced by songs that appear on the Beatles final album, Let It Be is a touching tale of loss, longing, and forgiveness that chronicles the breakup of a marriage, the destruction of a family, and the struggle to come together in the aftermath of what remains.

My Review: I really loved this book. It is told in such an understated way that is so enjoyable to read. I got real involved in the characters. I liked the story being told from the perspective of not only the mother but the children and even some from the mothers new love interest. At a time in history when divorce is becoming more prevalent Michelle leaves her controlling and sometime abusive husband and embarks on a new life that has her searching her very soul. Trying to juggle her new found freedom and the demands of motherhood is inspiring and I’m sure that many can relate to today. Through it all the deep love the family has for each other runs deep and they come out the other side better for the journey.  Weaving the album from the Beatles was such a nice touch.  Many can relate to how certain songs can get us through the rough patches.  This book meets all the criteria  I look for in a book. Well told, well edited, something I would want to read again and something I would recommend to others. It gets a 5 star rating.




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