The Measure of Success


success concept


I keep seeing articles popping up that talk about how 50% of self-published authors never make over 500.00 dollars. Or how only a very few make it to the top. Or some other percentage or graph or some such that bemoans how unsuccessful most indie authors are.

First of all, the first example is very much a glass half empty way to look at things. If half of all self-published authors never make more than 500.00 dollars, then that means the other half of all of those authors are making more than that. Sometimes much more.

The second example is also a glass half empty way of looking at things. If say only 15 to 20% of all self-published authors make it to the top, that is still a large number of authors. There are thousands of authors out there. That makes the number of those self-published floating in…

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