The Serapis Fraktur by Mark Grove

Today I am reviewing The Serapis Fraktur by Mark Grove.



Blog: This is a time travel adventure in which the 21st century protagonist uses 25th century technology to extract artifacts and people from the past within the confines of Dr. Ian Stevenson’s rules of reincarnation. Interestingly, the entrepreneurial development of the recovery process leads to a massive archaeological expansion on a scale that dwarfs The Smithsonian and provides enough extracted souls to colonize habitable planets across the galaxy. Australia is the new Ellis Island.

My Review: This book certainly captures the imagination. After being frozen for 400 years Mr. Dawes is reanimated to find that they world has progressed far beyond his imagination. Not only that but he is emperor of all he sees and then some. Thanks to well invested lottery winnings and a will that led to a committee creating the world according to his ideas,Mr Dawes sets about coming to grips with his new body and world. It does get a bit wordy at times and seems to explain the same thing over and over. On the other hand some things especially the personal things that would have made it a warmer story are glossed over. At times the founder seems to be a benevolent ruler and at others he seems to not take any care of others. I feel like this is a look at a world where someone makes it what he wants and makes it up as he goes. I’m not sure I would want to live in it. It is well written and edited but did not hold my interest much. I give this 3 stars.




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