Kentucky Moon: Solid Ground volume 1 by Cris Coursey

Today I am reviewing Kentucky Moon: Solid Ground volume 1 by Cris Coursey.





Blurb: Lily was alone and out of options. Creed was alone in the world with a secret. They find each other, but can they learn to trust? They had both followed rocky paths in their lives, but could they find solid ground with each other?
A supernatural love story. First of the Kentucky Moon Series.

My Review: Romance and werewolves what more could a paranormal fan want. The developing relationship between young Lily(human) and Creed(Werewolf) is really a sweet and touching one. When Creed finds Lily alone and starving in the woods he can’t help but feel for her and offers her a room and board option in exchange for domestic work around the house. Wary but out of options she accepts. Of course things can’t stay platonic forever and that’s where the romance comes in. I do feel like the characters could be fleshed out a little more to make them more interesting. Too much time is spent just watching TV when it could have been spent building the story more. It is almost as though the author ran out of energy writing the story. Some drama is thrown in however when Creed goes on a hunt and when Lily finally finds out what he is. Her back story really needed some punch to make where he found her believable. All in all though it was a mildly entertaining read. Will I read the next installment, maybe because I do feel like it might get better with time and the authors growth in writing. The editing was decent on this one which is refreshing. I give this book 3 stars.




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  1. Hugs Voracious… Sorry for being late, I stepped back for a moment, but thanks so much for the review and when you get time again I hope you do find the chance to read number 2. Have fun

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