Peter’s Out How the Catholic Church Ends by Albert So

Today I am reviewing Peter’s Out How the Catholic Church Ends by Albert So.




Blurb: Peter will be the last pope. Born saintly, and a bit odd, the child, the adolescent, the teen, the young man, and the mature adult experience things that eventually infallible people rarely do: Kills a nun, hangs out naked with the other kids, pretends to say mass, deals with, you know, gay people and deconstructs a two-thousand year-old institution.
This mockumentary is enhanced by factual historical details as well as occasional avoidance of current events. The riveting narrative includes answers to questions that non-Catholics have pestered Catholics about for centuries: “What’s up with The Trinity?” “What’s up with the rosary?” and “What’s up with the Body & Blood of Christ thing?”
For the many unwitting purchasers who will wonder, “Is “Peter’s Out” controversial?” There is only one answer. Is the pope a Catholic?

My Review: I’m not really sure where to start with this book. While is was mildly entertaining I’m not really sure what the point of the whole thing was. Peter the main character seems to bump around life without a clue and ends up Pope. I agree with the premise he wanted to carry out as Pope yet the book just seems to muddle around a lot and not really get anywhere. The book was edited OK and I was able to get through it. It is not a book I would revisit or recommend it to anyone. I really didn’t feel like it answered any of the questions the blurb said it would. I give it 3 stars.




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