Wish by C.H. Aalberry

Today I am reviewing Wish by Aalberry.





Blurb: What’s the most dangerous wish you ever made?

In the magical lands of the Seven Cs, anyone who find a piece of WishStone will have their wishes granted. Some wish for power, some for money and some for magic, but not all wishes end well.

Dak, a weak young orphan, wished himself strong and mighty only to find that his new appearance terrifies everyone he meets. Lae, a thief with a sharp mind and a sharper tongues, wished herself to safety and spent years living in a library, books her only friends. Both want to find the secrets of the Wishstone, but there is more at stake than Dak and Lae realise. Can they put their diffences aside to work together and journey across strange deserts, cold mountains and to dangerous forests in an epic fantasy adventure that might just save the world?

They will need to, because somewhere in the Seven Cs is a piece of WishStone large enough to make any wish come true, and the people trying to find it don’t make nice wishes.

Warning: this book contains magic, mayhem, maps, monsters, mountains, mushrooms and many other words starting with ‘m’. It also contains a small mongrel dog that might have fleas.

My Review: A fanciful book sure to be enjoyed by the younger audience. I had a little trouble with some of switches and turns but all in all a good one. 3 stars.




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