Black Butterflies by Sara Alexi

Today I am reviewing Black Butterflies by Sara Alexi.


black butterflies



Blurb: Although the island looks harmless, Marina knows it harbours ghosts from the past. Nothing would induce her to visit there again – except to protect her daughter.

Sara Alexi’s second book is a romp packed with a troupe of colourful characters intertwining in a gripping story.

By turn uproariously funny, touching or sad this book is the stuff of which all families are made.

Hopes, fears, secrets and misunderstandings beset relationships.

Discovery and acceptance bridge a divide

My Review:  First of all I really like that this story is about the small Greek Island. I have always had a soft spot for books about the area. I did like the description of the island and found the people that inhabits them enchanting. The book was rather slow paced. I don’t know if this was intentional to show the pace of life in the area or just a fault in the writing. I found it agonizing at times with the repeated telling of how the main character rolled to stand up. OK I get it she is a little heavy but every time come on. The main plot I got right way and thought the characters very dense to not figure it out sooner. It had a good ending but seemed a little rushed and completely dropped the daughter and her lover out of it. Editing could have been better. Even the blurb had typos. I would like to give this a better rating just because it is in Greece but can’t justify more than a 2 star.



BeFunky_2 Stars.jpg


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