Andy Smithson: Blast of the Dragon by L.R.W. Lee

Today I am reviewing Andy Smithson: Blast of the Dragon Fury by L.R.W. Lee.





Blurb: “As far as Andy Smithson knows, he is a more-or-less ordinary 10-year-old boy, neglected by his overachieving parents and annoyed by his pampered older sister. What he doesn’t know is that he is also the latest in a line of rulers of the land of Oomaldee and the one destined to save that kingdom from a curse put on it 500 years before Andy’s birth. Andy is magically pulled into Oomaldee while washing dishes one evening, and the adventure begins–an adventure that includes fire-breathing dragons, a lisping wizard, flying horses, people-eating giants, and many new and delightful friends.

My Review: I really thought this story was a great young adult book. It was delivered in a fun way and entertained while delivering some life lessons. I really liked the fun applications of ordinary things like the mail box. It could use some editing which would really help the story line along I think. In all I think that kids would really enjoy this read or the younger set would enjoy a chapter read by parents. I can see my grand-kids liking it. I give it a three star mainly for editing purposes.



BeFunky_3 Stars.jpg


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