Love Unexpected by Anne Glynn

Today I am reviewing Love Unexpected by Anne Glynn.


love unexpected


Blurb: Love Unexpected: Nighttime Tales offers six very different novellas. There is a story set in 1870, about a mail order bride, and another set during the Zombie Apocalypse, sometime in the near future. There are stories about a Hollywood producer and her Southern sheriff, about Area 69, and still another about one woman’s magical Christmas Eve. Nighttime Tales will even provide you with the secrets of love’s instruction book, Sun Zu’s The Art of Whore.

Because romance stories are supposed to be fun! 

My review: I was offered this for review with two options the cleaner one or the naughty version. I opted for the clean because erotica just doesn’t appeal to me. These six stories are all very different but based more on romance than just the act of sex. I do appreciate that. While they are a little shallow they are fun to read. They are edited at least which is refreshing in itself. While I did enjoy the change of pace from what I usually read it is not something I would bother to keep on my shelf. I give it a three star.



BeFunky_3 Stars.jpg


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