The Day The Tigers Broke Free by Ken Christopher Ping

Today I am reviewing The Day the Tigers Broke Free by Ken Christopher Ping.


Blurb: In a small town, a seventeen-year-old Chinese boy is found dead. An obvious suicide, say the police, and the family is left to grieve. Enter Charlie Kee, a relative and investigative reporter in from New York for the funeral. There are suspicious circumstances about the death and his questions stir up a lot of hate between him and the police chief, and with the local boys. But a skilled and relentless investigator, he picks up on the clues. And he is a man with a past that simmers hot and cold in his mind. What he uncovers stokes the fire of those emotions and throws him headlong into a tumultuous clash with hatred, with himself, and with Ann, a beautiful psychologist, who is journeying through emotions of her own.

This novel is a blend of action and drama centering around the investigation of a crime while exploring the issues of life and death, racism, the human condition. Charlie, with his cold exterior, is himself volatile like his enemies, and it is a thin line that divides them, one that only God might sort out as they come to an explosive climax.

Review: First of all  let me say I love the title of this book. The story of an investigative reporter from New York coming to a small Texas town for his cousins funeral is a story that caught my attention from the beginning. Charlie smelled something rotten from the start as too many questions were left unanswered by the authorities. I liked getting to know what made Charlie tick. I did have trouble with the writing style .  It would have been a much better book if it would have showed more and told less.The character of Ann was so inconsistent I really didn’t feel like she even needed to be in the book at all. If the author thought a love interest was needed he could have done much better. The story was derailed a few times by the addition of unneeded people like Lisa and her wedding.  Again the editing in this book left something to be desired. This gets a three star.


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