October is coming

With the month of October I am going to open back up for review requests. I am going to do things a little bit different than when I first started. I could not believe the number of review requests I received the first time around. I though I would be sitting twiddling my thumbs. I mean who wants to hear from me, I’m not famous or anything.

I received some real good books, some so-so and well some real stinkers. This time I am going to be a little bit picky. Since I have a real hard time not finishing a book, even if it is awful I am going to preview them better before I accept. Please make sure your book has been edited before you submit. While I know that all books will have a flaw or two and can overlook that the ones that are just thrown on without edits or formatting just take too much time to get through. It is not fair to people that take time and pay money to have a polished product. If by chance one slips by and I find as I start reading major errors I will just jettison it and not bother with a review. You know who you are. If you don’t have any care for your finished product neither do I. Beta reading is not included in this. I expect it those manuscripts.

I still do not accept erotica. I prefer fiction but will look at non-fiction and decide on the basis of subject matter etc. Christian is not a favorite either. Sci-fi is OK if well written. All others bring them on.

So work hard and write. Send off for edits and on to me for as honest review as I can give. Don’t forget the nice new stars!


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