Goodbye Nothing by Beck Sherman

Today I am reviewing Goodbye Nothing by Beck Sherman.


Blurb: Since the night of the accident, Cain Emmerick has felt different. Empty. What was important to him – family, friends, his job – doesn’t matter anymore. His new life revolves around that Nothing inside of him and the extraordinary highs he gets from committing random acts of violence.

Seventeen-year-old Joey Morgan is blind, but that doesn’t stop her from seeing. Something bad is about to happen. Something that could tear her world apart. For Joey, college life isn’t quite turning out like she planned, because before good grades, fitting in, and love, comes survival.

My Review: Ready for goose bumps and maybe a few nightmares. This book will deliver. Mr. Sherman is right up there with Dean Koontz and King at delivering a chilling tale. Cain all around good guy and devoted family man turns into something not quite human after a near fatal car accident. Brought back to life, by medical intervention, only after most of his soul is delivered to a newborn girl so she can take her first breath. He has lost his humanity. He delights in all forms of violence and debauchery. To feed the nothingness in him he must carry out acts of horrendous violence, the worse the better. The first act that of killing his beloved oldest daughter by dropping her small body out of the hospital window. Seventeen years of prison does nothing but help him hone his skills. After getting out he discovers the secret of his lost soul and goes on an awful quest to recover it. I won’t spoil the ending but it does not disappoint. Well written and edit problems free for the most part I would recommend it to anyone who like this type of book. I would keep it for a re-read and will look forward to more from this author. It gets a 5 star.


5 Stars



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