The Fight For Christmas


Hosting this story on my blog for J.C. Shafer, for the AMMC Christmas Anthology

Genre: Fantasy
Author: J.C. Shafer
eBook: Yes
Dedication: To all the children separated from their families who are wishing for Christmas magic to find them.

holiday dragon

The Fight For Christmas

The bloodstained elf limped into the command post at Christmas town. “The far outpost has been breached “ He panted. “We have had to pull back to the stables. Without help I’m afraid we may lose Christmas town.”

Santa sprang into action calling all reserves to help. There had been countless attacks this past month since the evil Wizard of the north had decided that he could take Christmas Magic and use it for his own purposes. With true belief in Christmas Magic at an all time low he just might succeed this time.


Tommy choked back his tears and straightened his clothes as best he…

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