Hateful Burden by Natalie Gibson

Today I am reviewing Hateful Burden by Natalie Gibson.



Blurb: …Evil Has No Face…

Hateful Burden is a gaslight-era paranormal horror novel as well as a psychological thriller where friends and foes are not always what they seem. In this dark urban fantasy, paranormal powers are bred and collected.

Lady Ramillia Winmoore, daughter of the Earl of Brooksberry, has suffered from gaps in her memory her entire life. But this darkness is a blessing. Whenever she feels threatened, it takes over and protects her from feeling pain or even the slightest bit of discomfort. That is until the day she awakens strapped to an examining table at the West Freeman Asylum for Lunatics.

Imprisoned for the gruesome murder of her parents, Ramillia learns she has lost ten months to the darkness. Forced to endure years of tortuous treatments in a grimy, hidden cell, salvation arrives in the form of a benefactor named Sir Julian Lawrence. Betrothed to her through an arranged marriage, he helps her gain freedom.

But appearances are deceiving and soon Ramillia learns the cost she must pay. The horrors she encounters in his household are far worse than the asylum when he inducts her into a society of blood-thirsty, cruel immortals. Soon she is forced to join them and accept their way of life.

Now Ramillia must break free of a prison she cannot see, kill an enemy that cannot die, and find a daughter that she cannot remember–all with the help of an ally she does not know. Who is Sally and can she be trusted? Is this mysterious and frightening woman trying to save her or is she planning on saving Ramillia for herself?

My Review: While most paranormal books deal with vampires and other known demons this book deals with a race unknown called the Carriers. While they look human and can pass somewhat in normal society they are far from human. They take over bodies and ride them for the thrill of experience. Most experiences they seem to crave is violent or sexual. The few women in their lives are used mainly as brood mares to raise more of their kind. Ramilla is unusual in that she is a woman Carrier with the gift of touch. It is an interesting read but not really one that I enjoyed. If this type of paranormal is the kind you like then it would be a good one to delve into. I found that it dragged a little and did not really offer me the explanations I was looking for. It is a trilogy so maybe more will come to light in the next books. I however think I will pass on them I give this book 3 stars.


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