Afraid by Jack Kilborn

Today I am reviewing Afraid by Jack Kilborn.







Nestled in the woods of Wisconsin, Safe Haven is miles from everything. With one road in and out, this is a town so peaceful it has never needed a full-time police force. Until now…

A helicopter has crashed on the outskirts of town and something terrible has been unleashed. A classified secret weapon programmed to kill anything that stands in its way. Now it’s headed for the nearest lights to do what it does best. Isolate. Terrorize. Annihilate.

Soon all phone lines are dead and the road is blocked. Safe Haven’s only chance for survival rests on the shoulders of an aging county sheriff. And as the body count rises, the sheriff realizes something even more terrifying – maybe death hasn’t come to his little town by accident…


AFRAID by Jack Kilborn
Are you afraid of the dark? You will be.

My Review: I found the blurb to the book to be more interesting than the actual book. While there are some good parts and I find the idea of elite soldiers, such as those described, frightening and too real that is about where it ends for me. For one thing the mission they were on would have called for a lot different tactics than the scour the earth ones deployed. Also if they were so well informed as to go after the people they did they would have not needed to go after the whole town. The author seemed to rely on over the top violence to try to instill the fear he wanted. Didn’t work for me it just got boring doing the same thing over and over. I wouldn’t read more of this type and would not recommend it. I give this a 2 star.


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