Oblivion by Francios Soriano

Today I am reviewing Oblivion by Francios Soriano.



Blurb: Artist, writer, traveler (and unrepentant misanthrope, womanizer, hypocrite) Francois Soriano is suffering from creator’s block. Disillusioned with the modern world and unable to create (also possibly bored), Francois begins a series of journal entries, chronicling his thoughts as he wades through a world he feels increasingly disconnected from. What begins as a darkly comic and off the cuff commentary becomes an uncensored confession and self-analysis as Francois explores the relationship between the artist and his creations.

My review: At first I did not think that I was going to like this book or even get through it. Then the absolute honesty (whether that was real or not) grabbed me. It was written in diary form. Just about the time I would have been upset with the author for tense changes he tells me yea he did it and if he can live with it so can I. Same with editing he flat informed the reader he hated doing it so wasn’t going to. Now how can you get upset about that kind of honesty. Mixed in amongst the humor and satire there is some real deep life lessons. The reader felt like they had found a hidden treasure when they were revealed. I took the authors advice and googled things he referred to. I actually learned quite a bit. Loved exploring The Rose painting and the artist. If you like a quirky in your face read this one is for you. I give it a 5 star.



5 Stars



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  1. Going to have to get this one and read it.

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