The Death And Life Of Sherlock Holmes by Grace-Best Page

Today I a reviewing The Death And Life Of Sherlock Holmes by Grace-Best Page.





Blurb: Jackie Bowman, a modern-day American woman, mysteriously time travels to 1891, where she meets Sherlock Holmes at the point of his untimely “death” at the Reichenbach Falls. Disguised as Jack, she and the great detective partner for the next three years travelling, braving dangers, sharing adventures, and facing Holmes’ ultimate challenge: boredom. They depend on each other, they like each other, they get on each other’s nerves.
With humor, drama, and poignancy, “The Death and Life of Sherlock Holmes” fills in the details of Holmes’ three-year hiatus and continues beyond his return to Baker St. Discover what made him the man he is, get to know the Baker Street Irregulars, and find the answer to that perennial question: Was he gay? No, sorry about that; rather, did he actually exist?
Whether you’re a fan of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle looking to expand your Sherlockian horizons, someone meeting Holmes for the first time, or you’re simply looking for a good read, this light-hearted adventure will both illuminate and entertain.

My Review: I must admit I kept putting this one back down as I went through my TBR pile. I have never really read any Sherlock Holmes adventures or even watched the movies. The little bit I knew about the subject always seemed kind of dry. Finally I knew I had to get to this book. Well I was pleased to see that it exceeded my expectations. I think the concept of a every day woman going through some type of portal into Sherlock’s world was so original. Now time travel is one thing but time travel into a supposed fictional world is another thing. I loved the way Jack/Jackie would come up with names for Holmes at the drop of a hat. It kept it light and fun. It did tend to drag a little bit here in there but was an enjoyable read I would recommend, even if you are not into Holmes. The ending was a nice touch. I give this 4 stars.



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