I Found My Heart In West Virginia by Chelsea Falin

Today I am reviewing I Found My Heart In West Virginia by Chelsea Falin.





Blurb: Cheyenne makes the huge decision to move with her four young children to the mountains of West Virginia. Despite coming from a small town in west-central Florida, she had been living in upstate New York with her ex-husband… had been, those were the key words. After finding out her ex-husband was having an affair with a childless eighteen year old girl, Shy calls it quits. West Virginia had long ago found a special place in her heart. The mountains are beautiful, the people are friendly, and you can find a piece of the old life hidden out in the hollers. Shy hopes she will find a new life for her and her children. She wants freedom, and a simpler way of life. What she doesn’t expect to find is a rough-around-the-edges backwoods boy with plenty of troubles of his own to entrap her heart so quickly after the end of her marriage… or ever, come to think of it

My Review: This is a cute contemporary romance. Set in the mountains of West Virginia Chelsea gets a second chance at life and romance. While it is a cute story it is very simply written. The characters are not  well developed and it moved way to fast. The main character was contradictory as well. The author tried to portray  her as a woman with a good head on her shoulders while she also had her drinking like a fish with the boys without a regard as to what would happen to her children if she ended up at the bottom of the holler. Everything just worked out a little too easy for everyone in this book. While I did enjoy the fact that it was not constant conflict life just does  not flow this easy. The ending was rushed. Now let’s get to my main problem with this book. The editing was nonexistent  as far as I could tell. If the author took time to invest a little in her book it would help the finished product a lot. I give this book 3 stars.


BeFunky_3 Stars.jpg



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