Daddy Was a Punk Rocker by Adam Sharp

Today I am reviewing Daddy Was a Punk Rocker by Adam Sharp:



Blurb: Adam just wants a conventional father. But his father hates convention, he would rather rebel. Adam wants a father who will sit by his bed and softly sing him lullabies. But his father is too busy snarling on stage alongside Joy Division and other angry young men. Adam, a budding goalkeeper, wants a father who will shoot balls at him in the park. But his father prefers to shoot heroin in dark rooms. Adam wants a father who is predictable, who is a provider, who is present. His father can never be any of those things. Because Daddy is a punk rocker.

My Review: I actually found this memoir touching and as I watched this young man arrive into himself in spite of the or maybe because of his upbringing. Unfortunately too many of our young people of today are products of this type of emotional abuse as youngsters. Parents too busy fighting and losing battles with their own demons to be able to nurture their young. Grandparents are left to try to bring some semblance of normalcy to a young ones life, while a child just wants love and acceptance. I applaud this young man in finally finding some peace with his own and his parents demons. There are many editing issues that need to be cleaned up in order to have a more polished product. I give this book a 3 star.



BeFunky_3 Stars.jpg

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