A Cry In The Shadows by Giulia Beyman

Today I a reviewing A Cry In The Shadows by Giulia Beyman.





Blurb: One cold night in Rome, Susan Bley waits for her neighbor, Alexandra, to join her and her nine-year-old daughter, Margot, for dinner, but she never arrives. Days later, Susan, who is blind, hears Alexandra’s dog whining on the other side of the apartment door as she walks past Alexandra’s apartment. With help from a neighbor, they enter and discover Alexandra gone and report her disappearance to the police. From this news, Inspector Andrea Danzi now knows the body they found just that morning at the city dump is Susan’s neighbor.

Unbeknown to Susan, Margot had unwittingly run into Alexandra’s killer in the basement the night she was killed, and because of that chance encounter, the killer knows Margot may talk…

At that same time, Susan’s friend Nora, who lives in Martha’s Vineyard, has disturbing dreams and unusual visions about her friend Susan. Something very dangerous is about to happen to her. But what?

Together, but miles away from each other, Nora and Susan try to uncover the plans of a desperate killer, while Margot’s life is in danger, and every neighbor in her apartment building is suspect

My Review: This is the second book by this author I have reviewed the first of the Nora Cooper series Words in the Dark was a good read so I looked forward to this. Nora is visited by ghosts again this time to help solve a murder and a kidnapping thousands of miles away from her Martha’s Vineyard home. The book seemed to drag just a little but was still entertaining even though I figured out who the bad person was pretty early. I enjoyed the paranormal touches and find it a light read for a weekend. If you enjoy who done it book I would recommend her work. I was a little confused that her grand kids kept being called her nephews but think that may be due to translation errors. I give this 4 stars.


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