Life Got In The Way by Deborah Davis

Today I am reviewing Life Got In The Way by Deborah Davis.



Blurb: Best friends, the ones with whom we share our wildest dreams and deepest frustrations and pain. They are our support systems through thick and thin. The ones who will always have our backs. To what lengths will your best friend go for you? Consider that question, as you read Life Got In The Way. 

Dana Talbert and Jackie Colson were like many teenagers in the 70’s sitting in bedrooms or out on the porch steps, writing in diaries and sharing hopes and dreams of how life would be when they became adults. In 1971 they were excited freshmen students attending Wilberforce University in southern Ohio planning for successful futures. Jackie envisioned herself becoming a distinguished attorney and Dana planned to travel the world. They each made a crucial decision which significantly altered their plans and their lives. Rather than bright futures, they found themselves on paths for which they were totally unprepared. 

Jackie Colson and Dana Talbert were what we now term Best Friends Forever (BFF’s) well before that phrase was coined. Journey with them for over four decades and watch their relationship evolve from being best friends to becoming “sister friends” as they encounter obstacles; including drugs, infidelity, divorce, illnesses, and death.

My Review: Let me start by saying that I liked this book. By looking at some reviewer comments I guess it is not for everybody, but I found it a enjoyable quiet read about everyday life. No there are not action scenes that have you on the edge of your seat. It is instead a quiet book that helps you reflect on the lives of the characters and the choices and mistakes that shaped their destinies. It might even bring you  to reflect on your youthful dreams and what became of them. It also gives you a hope that you can always reshape what your future holds. If you enjoy a read such as this then I encourage you to check it out. I give this book 4 stars.


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