The Re-Awakening by Carter Vance

Today I am reviewing The Re-Awakening by Carter Vance.




Blurb: Christ is Back!

The saga continues. He has returned, but not yet awakened to fulfill His destiny.

With The Re-Awakening, the second book of the Second Coming Series, author Carter Vance continues the thrilling story of the modern day return of Christ.

Like the first book, it is full of action and suspense that takes place in a chaotic world reeling towards the prophesied Apocalypse.

The first book, The Return, re-counted the circumstances of His birth. The Re-Awakening chronicles the events of His growth and the re-acquiring of His Christ Consciousness.

The first son in the bloodline of Jesus Christ, Lazarus J. Christos, must immerse Himself in the modern day world and prepare to fulfill His mission that has been prophesied for two thousand years.

With the aide of the order of the Knights Templar, long existing in the shadows, and the even less known organization of The Founders, young Lazarus, on a path of personal discovery, encounters His doubts and fears of His ability to fulfill His mission.

Meanwhile, His enemies mount their plan for His eradication and their goal of world domination. They believe there is a way for them to prevail beyond the prophecies.
These Dark Forces embark upon a worldwide hunt for legendary artifacts of power that might tip the balance of power to their advantage for the forthcoming ultimate battle of good versus evil for the soul of humanity.

My Review: This the the second book in the series I am sure there will be more as this one did not wrap up the story. The author expands the story of the second coming of Christ following his growing up and training in the Templar organization. I found this book a little slower than the first. There were so many editing errors it made it hard to read. I did get a note that it had been updated with some of this taken care of. Since I had already read it I will have to take his words for it. I sincerely hope he had a good editor. There were lots of descriptive repetition in this book that got tiresome. I do find the concept of the way things are going to be interesting and might finish the series if he bothers to find a good editor. I give this book a 3 star.


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