Darrion by Marissa Ames

Today I am reviewing Darrion by Marissa  Ames.



Blurb: A short story set in the world of Tir Athair. The first time Darrion struck her, Lana loaded her wagon and left Cynegil. Two-year-olds should not hit like that. She draped the windows of her cottage with dense cloth and worked by a single candle. If she timed her flight well, she could pass through the market during changing of the guard. In another era, under another king’s reign, Lana would have rejoiced that Darrion had inherited his father’s gift. Now, if Lana does not present her son to the king, she could lose her head.

My Review: This short little prequel accomplished what it set out to do, sucked me in and made me want more. As with most of these little novellas or prequels it is way too short. Lucky for me I have the next book to work on now and I am looking forward to it. I loved the death scene and that’s all I will say or I will give away to much. The diaper scene with the poo cooking on I had to chuckle at even though it might not have been meant to be humorous. In summary I liked the book and recommend it. Now on to the next. I give it 5 stars.


5 Stars



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