Minstrel by Marissa Ames

Today I am reviewing Minstrel by Marissa Ames.





Blurb: Arriving in the royal city of Cynegil just after the good king’s death, Liam and his traveling troupe face arrest for entertaining during a time of mourning. The new king, Riordan, offers them a choice: play for the court as he demands or be punished for the crime. With little recourse, they acquiesce. While the troupe entertains within the hall, Liam witnesses the dissension between the king and his twin brother, Shamus. When Shamus enlists Liam to record the kingdom’s history from his own viewpoint, the king becomes suspicious. And when Liam becomes involved with Molly, the mysterious redheaded washerwoman, and Tristan, the royal soldier with a deadly secret and a skill for causing unfortunate accidents, his life becomes even more complicated. As the kingdom staggers beneath drought, famine, and conflict, Liam and Shamus must flee Cynegil with prices on their heads. Will they survive their journey or will they become just another ballad to be sung?

My Review: This a fascinating book focusing on a minstrel and his band of performers. It is based mainly from the common peoples point of view of the corruption of power. After the death of the king two brothers vie for power of the kingdom. As usual the common people get caught and squeezed in the middle. I loved the ups and downs the main characters Liam and Molly faced as they danced in and out of the royal intrigue.

The only thing I am confused about is the prequel. I waited the whole book for the magic to be referred to that was told about in the prequel. Maybe it will come in future books. I think it should at least been referred to somehow. I wouldn’t advise reading it first it just confuses. Standing alone this book is great. It gets a 4 star.


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