Messages by Forrest Carr

Today I am reviewing Messages by Forrest Carr.





Blurb: “And what did the boss say?” Regina demanded. 
Austin locked eyes with her. “He said our stories need more vagina.” 
Regina recoiled as if Austin had poked her with a sharp stick. “He said WHAT?” 
Austin held his hand up. “As God is my judge. That was the word he used.” 

What kind of crazy newsroom is this? It’s the kind that three friends encounter as they embark on a broadcast journalism career at the height of the Golden Age of TV News. In their quest for Truth, Justice, and Ratings, they’ll risk it all, battling profit-minded owners, idiotic managers, dishonest businessmen, out-of-control public officials, and dangerous criminals. Before it’s all over, one will be in a fight for his job, another will be fighting for his sanity, and the third will be in a fight for his very life. Written by Forrest Carr, an award-winning 33-year veteran of local TV news, Messages gives a never-before-seen glimpse into the inner workings of local television newsrooms and of the journalists who work and struggle within them. 

My Review: I will admit it took me a little bit to get into this book. At first I just wasn’t sure about a book that starts out with a drunk urinating on the front windows of his office building. I said I would review it however so I continued. I am glad I did. I really enjoyed the behind scenes stories of the newsrooms in the freewheeling days before sexual harassment suits became so popular. Political correctness just does not exist in this book. There is adult language and some sex references that is a little on the explicit side just to warn you. The editing could use a little work. I recommend this to readers that like to look at what shaped our news industry. I give this a 4 star.


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