The Torn by LaDonna Cole

Today I am reviewing The Torn by LaDonna Cole



Blurb: Abducted to exotic worlds in quantum spheres, a 16 year old beauty, Kate Wilson, and a team of teen misfits confront inner monsters and demons brought to life by quantum science. Dragons, aliens, sentient tornados, and tree dwelling natives terrorize them as they fight for survival on strange planets and other worlds, and struggle to overcome emotional turmoil and mental illness.

Torn between two gorgeous boys, Kate struggles for independence, while craving the passion of the bright soul-mate and the sizzle of her strong protector. Running from a fractured family into the heart of chaos, Kate must take a stand and choose what she will become. A romantic sci-fi adventure sure to please.

My Review: Detention camp a whole new way. Troubled teens sent to a camp instead of the regular juvie must battle their personal demons in a unique way. When in turns into a struggle between life and death something is obviously going wrong. With a cute love triangle thrown in will these teens be able to fix the problem as well as solve their own issues? I guess I will have to read the rest of the series to find out. I am drawn into this young adult adventure and will have to read the rest. I give it a 5 star. Love it’s original concept.


5 Stars



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