Nineteen Seventy Something by Rodney Strange

Today I am reviewing Nineteen Seventy Something by Rodney Strange.





Blurb: ‘Nineteen Seventy Something
(A novel from the author of the Rusty Goat Adventures)
Set in the delightfully nostalgic era of the seventies with a backdrop of fast cars, loud music, long hair, back roads, and drive-in movies, this novel takes the reader back in time to discover an epic tale of love and passion!

The restless hearts of those struggling to break past the boundaries of adolescence and cross over the threshold into the realm of adulthood were the lifeblood, indeed the very heartbeat, of Delight, Texas. Night after night as darkness fell upon a sleepy little Texas town, they stepped out into a world that belonged solely to them…a world of loud music, long hair, fast cars, best friends, first loves and broken hearts. When a naive, sheltered son of a wandering preacher finds himself suddenly thrust into the wild and untamed world of the seventies, alone and on his own, he is faced with a decision: become an adult before his time, or grab life by the horns and hang on for the ride of a lifetime! Along the way, as Rusty Steele takes on some of life’s greatest challenges, he discovers the greatest challenge of all…the pursuit of love. Two women will appear in his life. One will manipulate him with the power of her seductive passion, the other offers only pure love…a love of such magnitude that few have ever experienced. Which one will win the heart of Rusty Steele? It’s in the hands of destiny!

So many of the decisions we make in that turbulent, transitional period between adolescence and adulthood determine our ultimate destiny in life.
~Rodney Strange – Author

My Review: How I enjoyed this book. The memories it brought back was priceless. Going to high school and coming of age in this special time in history I can so relate to this book. I don’t know if the generation of today has such a outlook on life and the future as we had in that time before social media and cellphones. I remember many a summer night spent cruising those back roads with the music blasting just like the kids in the book. The thrill of all the firsts you dared to experience. The first cigarette, first drink, first kiss all come flooding back as I read this.  Thank you author for such a wonderful trip back in time. There are quite a few editing errors that need cleaned up otherwise this would get a perfect score. I recommend it to all of the older set and the younger if you want to get a glimpse of your parents or grandparents youth. I give this 4 stars.


BeFunky_4 Stars.jpg



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