The Anything Goes Girl by Barry Knister

Today I am reviewing The Anything Goes Girl by Barry Knister.




Blurb: Journalist Brenda Contay Doesn’t Look
For Trouble —It Comes Looking For Her.

Brenda messed up her college life by saying “yes” too often. She became The Anything Goes Girl, and her sex life figured prominently in locker-room graffiti.

When she suddenly makes it big on local TV, it should be like winning the lottery, right? Not for Brenda Contay. Now she’s the popular Lightning Rod reporter on WDIG. But succeeding because her butt looks good in Levis isn’t what Brenda wants—not after her Anything Goes past.

When Brenda finds out Vince, an old lover, drowned off a tiny island in the Pacific, she quits TV in search of the truth. All-state swimmers don’t just drown.

Brenda isn’t exactly a welcome addition to the island. Vince’s death turns out to be collateral damage in a scandal of global proportions. And since it involves one of the ten richest men in America, Brenda’s chance of living to tell the story is next to zero.

But that’s the one thing about The Anything Goes Girl—she hates losing. Things are about to get interesting in paradise.

My Review: Loved this mystery suspense novel. At first I thought it was going to be a real piece of fluff book. I was wrong. The gritty details of this book are great. Combining high politics with corporate dirty dealings(is there a difference) brings great modern day  relevance to this book. I enjoyed the main character and loved how the author kept it real with the lasting affects of her injuries instead of having her bounce back right as rain. I will recommend this book to other and will look forward to more Brenda Contay adventures. I give this book 5 stars.


5 Stars



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