Cry Of The Needle by Roger Radford

Today I am reviewing Cry Of The Needle by Roger Radford.




Blurb:  When medical malpractice leads to violent revenge, Irish-style…

Kieran Kelly’s world turns upside down when his wife’s health is devastated by an epidural in childbirth. Incensed by damning evidence of medical and pharmaceutical misconduct, the tormented former IRA hit man plots revenge against those he deems responsible, including a government that doesn’t seem to care.

Kelly’s quest brings him face-to-face with an alcoholic physician, an altruistic scientist and a corrupt government minister – but not before the love of a stunningly beautiful but crippled Countess makes him question his motives. He meets Countess Magda von Esterhazy at a meeting of a self-help group for victims of the uniquely painful iatrogenic (doctor-caused) disease that struck down his wife. Magda awakens feelings that he thought he had lost forever.

Meanwhile, one of Kelly’s targets, scientist Jonathan Tring, finds himself embroiled in the Machiavellian machinations of his boss, the gruff and corrupt owner of a pharmaceutical company, and the man’s stunning young American wife. In all the mayhem, Tring, too, finds love – and desperately wants to live to enjoy it.

Cry of the Needle is a searing tale of love and vengeance. Revenge that is a dish best served Irish.

My Review: I really found this book absorbing and disturbing. Disturbing because it is about a real disease, from which the author himself suffers. The despair that Kelly felt which led him to hostage taking is brought home to the reader. Unfortunately many people have found themselves bewildered and hurt at the hands of the very doctors and drug companies and Gov. officials that are suppose to help us. Kudos to the author for bringing this to light. I know I will research a lot more before I blithely take medicine of any kind just because it’s prescribed. The book dragged a little through the middle but still built the story well. I was hoping for a happier ending but it really ended the only way it could I guess. I give this book 4 stars.


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